Sunday, July 22, 2012

The last two weeks

These last two weeks I have been doing my two week training period with the national guard. I still took some time to go fishing though :). The first four days were in Manti so I was able to stay with my parents in Fayette. Growing up in Fayette is where fishing started in my life. I remember as a kid going out to the river and calling the catfish "Here fishy fishy fishy!". I also remember going clubbing carp during the flood season. We would go out to the flooded fields with clubs, pitchforks, etc, and walk around bashing the carp. (I know it may sound brutal to some but it was a lot of fun and carp are a trash fish in Utah). So for memory sake I dug up a very small worm out of the garden and hopped on the 4-wheeler down to the river. I threw the worm on (which was barely bigger than the hook) and cast it out not expecting to catch anything. I heard a splash over on the other side of the bridge and saw a deer crossing the river...

I didn't catch anything at the river but one night my friend Taylor and I went out to Yuba Reservoir for old time sake. Taylor and I have fished this stretch of the res for years on end. I remember one summer the cat-fishing was particularly good and he pulled out a 16 lb catfish. The res was drained for repairs on the dam and the cat-fishing has never been the same. In fact, on the DNR website it has catfish being in Yuba but in parenthesis it says something like "though they may not be there anymore" We didn't catch any cats but there were still plenty of carp! and a cool sunset too! We braved a small storm but it passed quick and we had a fun night.

Later in the week we had to travel to Camp Williams near Lehi UT. Taylor and I and a fellow soldier Andy Jones (from here on out I will call him Peeta because he reminds me of Peeta from Hunger Games) took a few trips to the Jordan river and Utah Lake. The first spot we tried along the Jordan turned out to be the best of all the spots we tried. Peeta hadn't fished in a long time so he bought a license and stuck first with this wopper of a fish!

Later Taylor struck with this decent Channel (it was the biggest cat of the two weeks).

Peeta landed his second fish and first ever mudcat! (man I really hate those things)...

We caught a few more fish then headed home. The next day Taylor had to leave and so some errands so Peeta and I decided to try Utah Lake at the American Fork Harbor. ( A guy suggested this to me on a fishing forum I use ) We didn't catch any cats but I caught my first ever White Bass! I may be wrong but I think in Utah the only place to catch them is Utah Lake and maybe Willard Res...either way I wasn't expecting to catch them but really wanted to...

Another species of fish to tack onto my list! (Now if I could only catch a Tiger Muskie)... Both Peeta and I caught white bass that night and that's all that wanted to bite. A couple of days later, Tay, Petta, and I went down to where the Jordan River first starts at Saratoga Springs. We caught a few white bass but they were all small. Overall the week was fun. Its always fun to get a chance to try new waters or go back to old ones. Interesting fact about the Jordan, it received its name because it flows Northward from a fresh water lake, and empties into a Salt water Lake just like the Jordan River in Israel where Christ was baptized.

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