Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saying Goodbye

I moved to Logan about two years ago.  I didn't go fishing as often as I would like mainly because I didn'tknow where to go.  We moved Apartments in January of 2012 and it just so happened that we lived above some awesome neighbors.  We didn't really formally meet until about a month later in church.  I was sitting in priesthood and +Ben Friend shook my hand and informed me that he was my neighbor.  I don't remember much about the conversation we had but I remembered how friendly he was.  A few weeks later as we were heading out of our apartment to go to church, Ben and his family were getting into their car and he came over and invited us to lunch after church.  We excepted and have since then found out what great friends the Friends are.

Kat and Julia hit it off early sharing the same weird tv shows they like to watch.  Their kids (Maddie and Bubba) instantly took to me and never left my side.  Ben and I started talking about fish and he introduced me to the "Tiger Muskie".  He also invited me to come ice fishing with him one of those days and I accepted.

That next Saturday we embarked on the first of many fishing adventures.  I owe it to Ben for most of my fishing knowledge.  Before him, the only fish I had ever really fished for were catfish and trout.  He taught me all about Bass fishing (and got me hooked on it might I add), Muskie Fishing, crappie and blue gill, and much more.  He also invited me to have fish tacos on more than one occasion with his family to try out bass and bluegill, etc meat for the first time.

Well, sadly people come and go in our lives and the last weekend of April would be our last time ever fishing together.  I moved to Boston for the summer to do a summer job and Ben has graduated and will be moving his family to Alabama or somewhere else in the south soon to start his career there.

We planned out a last time ultimate camping/fishing trip so we could properly say goodbye, and what a fun trip it was!

We scouted out the area of cutler reservoir and decided to take boats down close to cutler dam and camp on an island.  Camping on the island really brought the boy out in me.  It was fun and adventurous.  We could fish on all sides of the campsite.  We loaded up our boats (and I mean loaded!) and putted down the lake to the island....

We threw out some poles as we set up camp...Although we brought some wood with us, whoever was here last left us some dry wood.  We used some and left some of our own behind again.  We fished most of the night but only managed to catch those pesky mud cats and a few carp.  The next day we fished in the boats all morning but still only caught mud cats and carp.  Either way it was a really fun trip and it was a good way to say goodbye to a great friend.

 (John managed to catch two fish in one go!)

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