Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I took out Roberto to Newton today after those elusive Tiger Muskies. My plan was to catch a perch with worms and use the perch meat for Muskie bait. The water is really low right now so i took the lesiure to take a few photos of the lay of the lake.

FYI, Anywhere there is white, was under water earlier this year, the lake was completely full.

Well, today I learned a new thing, Yellow perch are cannibals! It shouldn't surprise me I guess; once when I was in scouts, we went ice fishing at Fish Lake. My friend Taylor and I weren't catching anything so I decided to throw in part of a granola bar I was eating and sure enough, a perch! So it shouldn't surprise me to find that after catching a perch and using some of it's meat for bait, that I catch perch with it too.

I caught 4 perch and one bass, but no Muskie, however, there was a man fishing next to me that landed one right as we were packing up. Seeing the fish jump out of the water as it got hooked only invigorated my desire to catch a muskie.

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