Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Newton is Hot!

Newton is Hot! (Literally, the thermometer on my car said 104 today). I took Jaquez out to Newton again today and wanted to try a different spot for a chance at bigger fish. I threw my worm out and instantly got a hit...and then it broke, my 20 lb test line snapped just like that...It was a big fish, I know, I know, it's the one that got away...I like to think it was a Tiger Muskie :). After that, I caught a few fish along with this massive bluegill...

Here is a close up on it

For those of you unfamiliar with bluegill, it is a very tasty pan fish. A pan fish defined by Wikipedia is "an edible game fish that usually doesn't outgrow the size of a frying pan". They don't get very big at all, in fact, the state record is 2 lb 7 oz 11 1/2" long and 14 5/8" of girth. I didn't measure it but I know it was bigger than my hand, which is pretty big, and by far the biggest bluegill I've ever seen.

I caught a few more and Jaquez had only one. He kept complaining that we needed to go back to the spot we were at last time because the fishing wasn't fast enough for him. So we went back to the spot (kind of) and found the water has been dropping fast. The place we had been fishing is all but dry now. We fished near the location and it was like old times, not being able to put the poles down due to little fish, though Jaquez did manage to pull up this 13 inch Large Mouth...

Another closeup...

I tried to cast spinner baits with my second pole ( I own a two pole permit) to try and git a muskie, but between getting hits with my worm and helping Jaquez, I didn't get many flicks in.

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