Monday, August 20, 2012

Mud, Muskies, and Family Fun

After showing my primary class the picture of my muskie I caught Saturday, one of the kids, Ethan, was bound and determined I go fishing with his family tonight. He asked his mom (primary chorister) in the middle of singing time if I could come with them and I'm sure he was pretty persistent after church because around 5 last night they called and formally invited Kat and I to go fishing with them for family home evening. Ethan is pictured below...

We showed up to Newton around 615 and the Nimer (name of family) boys were generous enough to help me get my gear down to the lake so Kat could take Brian. The fishing was slow to start, I was just casting the brush hog and catching a few bass. Doing so I looked around and got a peek at what my future might hold taking my kid(s) fishing. The dad didn't get much fishing in but he was enjoying himself anyways. I decided to throw a worm out on my other pole and soon had a perch...

Photos courtesy of my wife, Kat.

It had swallowed the hook so I figured I might as well keep it for bait. Ethan and his siblings had fun playing with the dead fish before I cut it up, even their little 5 year old sister (I thought she was pretty brave for a 5 year old) was picking it up and pretending to talk with it. While the kids were being entertained by the fish, Brother (don't know his first name >-: ) Nimer took the opportunity to fish. He threw out his blue fox spinner and was catching a few bass when all of a sudden I hear a big splash! I knew right away it was a muskie so I ran over to help him. He got the fish right to the shore line when the fish turned, took off, and SNAP!, there goes the fish breaking his 6 lb test line. He was pretty disappointing but more so that he lost his good spinner. Brian was enjoying the great outdoors, but I don't think he was enjoying the hat much...

I finally cut up the perch and threw it out. I gave some to Ethan's brother, Andrew to try as well. I caught another perch of course but not too long after I start using the perch meat, I see my line get tight, I set the hook, and Wam! MUSKIE!!!

I knew instantly this was a much bigger Muskie than the one I caught Saturday; it fought hard, took my drag which was set pretty hard, and just felt heavy. I finally managed to bring it into shore and took off my sandals before approaching the fish. It was a good thing I did because I sunk to my knees in mud. (Don't mind the crack ;>)

This muskie was a bute! I quickly got the hook out, took some photos, and had him back in the water where he swam off to freedom.

We fished for a while longer then decided it was time to go home. There was no way I was going to put my sandals back on, my feet were just too muddy (and it was the stinky mud too!). But I would rather catch a muskie and get muddy feet anyday!

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