Saturday, August 4, 2012

Newton with the kids

Buoyed by last weeks success at newton with Ben, I took two of ny foster kids out there this week in hopes of giving them some different scenery and species of fish. I took Ricky out on Wednesday and the fishing was hot! We couldn't keep our poles in the water. The only reason we stopped fishing was because we ran out of worms.  We caught lots of bass and yellow perch and Ricky caught a decent blue gill as well. I took Gerard out the next day to the same spot and it was a little slower at first. I caught a few but gerard wasn't catching anything but small bites. I told him it was because he hadn't called them..." here fishy fishy fishy"... i finally convinced him to do it and by miracle, the moment he calls them, he gets a big bite and he was able to land a nice large mouth. It was all he needed because the fishing picked up and once again we only had a few moments to sit down after we cast out before we were catching fish. Nothing big, but sometimes with young kids, quantity is much better than quality.

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