Saturday, June 23, 2012

After 3 hours of sleep...

My friend Ben and I were crazy enough to think that waking up at 630 am to go fishing after a late night fishing trip and 3 hours of sleep was a great idea. Wke got up and headed out to a spot along the bear river where I had pulled out a decent size Catfish a couple of weeks ago. We met our friends John and Derick there and set up for a fun day. The fishing was hot at first. I have a two pole permit and I couldn't keep both in the water, one hit after another. All of them were pretty little. The problem of the day, was that the river was really low and we kept getting our lines snagged. I lost probably 3 different hook sets. I finally gave up and packed most of the stuff up. I walked over and talked to Derick for a while and was about to start casting a spinner in when Ben came up with his gear packed wanting to try a different spot on the river. The only thing i caught were two mudcats though. It was a fun day of fishing, if only I hadn't been so tired, it would have been even more fun.

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