Saturday, June 30, 2012

Late night round two

I went out with Ben and Ben again last night to try and catch the big channel cats again. We were able to get out there a little earlier this time and scout it out a little bit. We chose our spot and were able to get set up right as the sun was setting.

Mine was the first line out and soon ended up with an okay sized channel (teenger)

unfortunately that was to be the only fish caught in that location. We fished there til about 11:30 and after not catching anything else we decided to move locations. We found another spot that looked like it had potential and fished there for a while. A kid fishing nearby and packing up came over and chatted with us and told us he caught a big one over where Brother Ben had casted out. We didn't catch anything the rest of the night except for a small carp that Friend Ben finally managed to catch (it was biting at his line all night long). Some people would call it a waist of a trip but for me it is always fun to get out and hang out with the guys. The stars were out and the moon was shining, it was a fun night out.

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