Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Escaping the Sun

The last time i went out with Tyrone (name changed), we got a lot of sun mixed with a lot of annoying little mud cats. For those who don't know, mud cats are a small species of catfish that are really annoying and usually swallow the hook. They aren't any fun to catch because they don't put up a fight at all. Well, we went out today and when I asked him what he wanted to do he said "Fishing, but not where we will catch those dang mudcats". I told him I would do my best but couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be mudcats. There was a spot I've been wanting to try along the bear river for quite some time now so we headed over there. We decided to fish underneath the bridge there so we could escape the hot sun. It was worth it! It was nice and cool under there. I caught a fish within the first five minutes, got it right to shore and saw that it was a channel cat and got really excited for its decent size. (I'm in an ongoing catfish contest that lasts until the end of summer.) Right as I was bringing it to shore it got off the hook and swam away! ...(maybe I should invest in a net?). The fishing continued, Tyrone also had a channel on, it got to shore, then zipped back into deeper waters, as he was struggling to bring it in, the line snapped and it got away. (Okay it didn't snap, I apparently just didn't tie the hook on tight enough and the knot came undone.) All in all it was a pleasant afternoon. We ended up catching catfish, a baby small mouth bass, a baby walleye (pic below), and some carp. I find it funny because in Fayette, we hated catching carp. Carp in Fayette are like mudcats here, they don't hardly put up a fight and are very annoying and are everywhere it seems. Here however, some of my best fighting fish I've caught have been carp.

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