Thursday, June 21, 2012

A hot summer day

For the sake of privacy, I will be changing the names of the foster kids I take out. I took johnny out today at three and we decided to hit up the cache junction marina on Cutler Res. We got out there and not two minutes into the first cast and Johnny had himself a nice little small mouth caught on a worm.

Unfortunately it didn't survive but lucky for us my friend Ben was coming out to fish and said he'd take it and fry it up. Ben arrived and Johnny caught himself a mudcat. (mudcat's aren't worthy of a picture in my book.) Johnny seemed to have all the luck today and pulled in another small mouth and a pretty decent sized bluegill...

Ben decided to keep both bass and the bluegill to fry up. (and they were both tasty!) I finally had a tug on my line and pulled in a small carp. I killed him and cut him up for some bait because channel cat's tend to have a taste for carp meat. Unfortunately time had the best of us and it was time to go home before I had a real chance to fish with the carp very long. A man fishing near us under the bridge did pull up a really nice channel though. He brought it over to show his dad/friend? who was napping under a picnic table. (I know weird) That was a nice cat! I wish I would have snapped a photo of it. My guess is it managed an upwords of 26-28 inches long.

last night Johnny also snagged this 10 lb carp. I had to help him bring it in because that was the hardest fighting fish I had ever felt. He wore the poor kid down lol.

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